Monday, September 19, 2016


88. Shai's "Comforter"
Shai was a four man R+B soul band in the early nineties. Their biggest hit was "If I Ever Fall In Love". Cats use to blast that while driving in their convertibles or jeeps to show women their soft side. However, their next hit "Comforter" which was released in January 1994 is the precedence of an R+B classic in the heyday of R+B. The tune has a soft, lade back flow in describing yearning for a damsel in distress that makes you yonder for the youthful  halcyon days where unrequited love was your biggest worry. The band never reached the same success as they did in the early nineties but these songs take us back.

Friday, September 16, 2016

90 Things We Miss About The Early Nineties

90. Knowing How To Use A Map

Before there was Google Maps APP which could direct you where ever you want to go with an available smart phone, there was GPS system gadgets that were bought as a separate device (I still have mine). Before those, you would type your current location and desired location on a site called and print out the directions. But, before even that, when the World Wide Web was only accessible to businesses and computer nerds, people would actually use maps to find their destinations. Crazy thought, right!. Well after some 20+ years, the talent of map reading is lost. Moreover, people rarely need to ask directions from other humans anymore illustrating, yet another, lost need for human interaction that technology created.