Saturday, July 4, 2015


The movie that has dominated this summer so far is obviously Jurassic World. In just a little over a month, it has grossed over 1.3 billion dollars worldwide and is currently the seventh top grossing movie of all time. But what is the verdict on this remake of an Early Nineties classic. The jury is out and the film scores an A. Why? Here are the reasons.
Check: The special and technical effects.
Check: The action
Check: A good story that is not too complicated or intertwined with government conspiracy
Check: A movie that really is worth seeing in 3D
Check: Good number references to the original Jurassic Park
Check: Good character development
Check: Story involves some coming of age themes from some of the main characters
Check: There is some hint of romance in the story, but it is just enough not to be cheesy
Check: Albeit some specific details, the story does adhere to some scientific possibilities

For all these reasons, this huge mega block buster is still a must see for this summer.

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