Wednesday, June 3, 2015


Just two months ago, Kurt Cobain: The Montage of Heck was released. It is a documentary  about the man who was on top of the music world and the world of pop culture in the early nineties. But he, ultimately,  shot himself in a tragic fashion and left a suicide note. A question as to why this would happen would also raise the question of why the music he made popular in this time was even popular? At this time, our country was not in a war, the economy was recovering, and the world was about to be introduced the world wide web. But deep in the confines of Cobain's struggle, we find some answers. Mental illness? Well, Cobain was not the first genius to suffer from Bipolar Disorder. But maybe, one of the few to take his own life during what one would think would be the "Nirvana" of his life. Certainly, he was not the first to suffer from the pressures of success and all that comes with it. A man that was chosen, not by his own choosing, to be the spokesman for a generation that for the first time saw themselves to have a bleaker future than their parents. So in a tragic irony, it was fitting that a man who had reached the pinnacle of success would pass away not by the gluttony and riches that his success brought him, but rather, by the fact that he was not comfortable in the new shiny clothes that dressed his skin.

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