Sunday, June 14, 2015


More than 21 years ago,  the leader of the so called grunge phenomena, committed suicide. Many have labelled this exact time as the end of the grunge. I have to vehemently disagree. It was not even the beginning of the end. Grunge and alternative movement had a stronghold on music until 1997 when Hansen released "MMMBOP". That's when the music execs realized that once again they can make money from preteen and teen girls. For more evidence regarding this, please see the Smashing Pumpkins and the year of success they enjoyed in 1996. Still today, Cobain's legacy serves to influence musicians. But in a tragic prophecy, it almost seems fitting that Cobain, the most recognizable face of Grunge, would pass away at the height of success of grunge and leave that short time of music history as a time of mystery and for some a memory of the halcyon days before the internet and boy band explosions. Who would Cobain have been today? Would he still be performing alternative music or would be have moved on to other forms of rock music? Would we have ever known of Justin Timberlake if Cobain did not commit suicide? These answers will never be known (at least not in this lifetime). What has happened is that the grunge movement made a dip in rock music history and pop culture history. That dip at the time, seemed like an enormous seismic event to shake the world forever. However, soon after, the world restored order. But from time to time the aftershocks of that event can still be felt along with the memories of that time and that time's leader.

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