Wednesday, January 21, 2015


In the early nineties, the country had an overall mood of anger, isolation, and despair for the future. This was especially felt by young people, a cohort of termed Generation X. This angst was especially felt in the city of  Los Angeles. In the previous decade, the city witnessed a booming era in what is termed "The Big Eighties". But all of that changed at the turn of the decade. There was a short recession nationally, but that hit LA hard, especially the retail sector. Packed malls became empty. The real estate bubble burst. And socially, LA became the focal point of racial and civil unrest with the Rodney King beating and eventual LA riots in 1992. There were floods, fires, major earthquakes, and celebrity car changes. Even on a lighter note, no major sports teams won any champions. This is huge to a city with major sports teams that won a total of nine championships the decade before.  The early nineties could be thought of as the dark period of LA history. But even at times when you CAN see the forest from the trees, you can still relinquish in its hidden beauties, as I did during my youth at that time.

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