Monday, November 3, 2014


In the early nineties, a dress-down music scene took place and in an overnight fashion became mainstream. Grunge emerged as a subgroup of alternative music. Influenced by heavy metal and punk rock, Grunge was characterized with distorted guitar riffs, raw-sounding vocals, and angst-ridden lyrics. Musicians in the genre were noted for their non-glitzy fashion (plaid was the trend) and their lack of theatrical stage performances. In a way, this was a complete backlash to the Glam metal rock that had been so prevalent in the 1980's and very part of the early nineties. The power of Grunge almost blew Glam rock out of the pop culture scene to the point where  in the mid-nineties those bands became sources for mockery. Lyrics of the songs addressed isolation, despair, and apathy. In a way, the movement could have addressed a young generations bleak view of their future.

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